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Good Friday and Easter Sunday closed,regular hours for the other days and some bargains going out the front on Saturday.
Loads of great books back in stock and of course donuts
Little single slide viewers to look at your favourite holiday or picture,$12.50 ea you can choose a slide from the jar,you might already have some.$25 for the metal dividers.
Loft and signal #flotsamandjetsam
Good morning Saturday
Just some stuff today #flotsamandjetsam #acmeandco
A pie for every week of the year “First Prize Pies” by Allison Kave,candy apple,mint julep,spiced fig…. $55
Donuts fresh in from Belmont  @littleandfriday
Morning Friday
Better late than never @littleandfriday donuts have arrived
Fashionable Selby just in $60
One of a few old rewired photographic lamps in store,$185 each,with plugs and ready to go.
The Modern Art Cookbook,from Frida Kahlo’s red snapper to Cezannes’s baked tomatoes + many more $50.
New Beer Can Glasses,useful for any beverage,juice,cocktail,smoothie… $5.50 ea. or 6 for $30
New Stuff hand painted metal signs $35 - $40 ea. wooden cubby boxes $35 ea. 1820’s bird prints $12.50 ea. and French Garden tags $3 ea,